Nanographic Printing Technology: A New Solution to Digital Era

Nanographic Printing Technology: A New Solution to Digital Era
Jul 06

Nanographic Printing Technology: A New Solution to Digital Era

With increasing applications of digitization in every aspect, now people are looking ahead for digital printing services. One of the biggest printing solutions for this era is Nanographic printing technology.

What is Nanographic Printing?

The design of Nanographic printers is based on water based ink solution that is well known as Landa NanoInk. It uses to contain few nano size pigments that can be measured in nanometer range. The printing process here starts with ejection of ink droplets that are billion in count and they fall over a heated conveyer belt. Note that, every raw of the ink ejector is responsible for adding different color to the solution.

As soon as the water molecules start evaporating, the droplets start flattening and they slowly blend to develop a dry polymeric film with ultra thin formation. The thickness of color image use to range somewhere between 500nm that is thinnest when compared to any other existing printing process. This image is transferred to blanket that is available over substrate and soon it starts developi9ng a laminated layer that use to be abrasion resistant. It forms accurate match with the paper gloss and start producing dots that are exceptionally round in structure with highly sharp edges.

You might have observed to traditional printing processes where ink from one side of paper often gets penetrated to other side but this is not the case with Nanographic printing technology where fine ink droplets stay well over the surface and produce finest print quality. This is the major reason behind development of vivid and extremely sharp color images on paper. The best thing to know is that you need not to apply pre or post treatment processes for these prints and the output can be used immediately after it comes out of machine.

Advantages of Nanographic Printing:

There are wide number of advantages that are associated with Nanographic printers. The very first thing that we can discuss in this category is use of the nano pigments that are considered as best light observed elements. They have abilities to produce color gamut with 15% higher accuracy as compared to the traditional printing technologies. Secondly, the excellent color production ensured by these nano pigments develops images with around 2 to 10 time thinner appearance as compared to other common processes. Also, the ink inside the machine gets dried before its transfer to substrate so it never leads to cockling issues. Finally, the dry ink transfer process provides added sharpness with higher color accuracy.

You will be glad to know that the Nanographic printing solution offers printing with low cost per page so owners can control their expenses in better manner. Landa NanoInk use to absorb light with high efficiency as compared to the conventional images and it never penetrates below the surface like common ink solutions. These thin images need lesser raw material for producing final print so ultimately it saves your money. You don’t even need to invest over any pre treatment or post printing dryness efforts.

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