Compatible cartridges vs OEM cartridges, what to buy??

Compatible cartridges vs OEM cartridges, what to buy??
Apr 04

Are you a frequent user of your printing machine? Do you find that the expense of printing your documents or photographs is outweighing the price of your printer itself? Then Compatible Ink is the alternative for all of these problems.

Most people believe that compatible ink might destroy their printing machine whereas the truth is far from it. Compatible Ink cartridge though not manufactured by the original brand of the printer has been designed by third-party manufacturers specifically for it. For example, if you have an HP printer then you will be buying the compatible cartridge designed especially for it. This prevents any damage that can happen to your printer and gives you the printing quality of the same kind as that of the original brand if not better.


Why are Original Cartridges more Expensive than Compatible cartridges?

The Original manufacturers usually sell their printers at low prices but the cartridges are expensive. This is because the manufacturers recover the cost of research and development through cartridges as the customer will obviously buy it from the same brand.


Why is a Compatible Cartridge better?

If you buy a compatible cartridge that provides you with return policies and guarantees then it will give you the same printing quality and results at lower prices as third-party manufacturers do not have to compensate for research and development costs.

Though there has been much debate over the copyrights of the Original Equipment Manufacturers, the Compatible Manufacturers do not violate any of them and have a 25% of control over the ink and toner market which is more than $8 billion per annum. This achievement speaks for itself if the Compatible Ink is reliable or not.


Are Compatible Cartridges suitable for all types of users?

Well, it depends on 3 factors:

How often do you print?

Irrespective of the brand it is advisable to use one original cartridge on every 3 to 4 sets of a compatible cartridge to support the life of the printer heads.

If you are normal to a frequent user then it will be very cost-effective to you as the quantity of the ink in a compatible cartridge is more along with being inexpensive.

If you are a rare user then you should stick to originals as they contain a chemical that prevents them from drying out but unfortunately, there is no such facility in a compatible ink cartridge.

What is it that you print?

If you mostly print text documents then compatible ink cartridges will be highly beneficial to you as the print is sharp and it’s very difficult to extract the difference between an original print and that of a compatible one.

In case you print photos on daily basis then compatible cartridges are brilliant at photo printing but do not have a very high quality when it comes to professional photographs.



Both the types of cartridges are useful and have their own merits and demerits. But for those who need a cheaper and safer alternative to large amounts of printing should definitely try Compatible Ink Cartridge. In case you are still skeptical about purchasing it, then there are many websites that offer return option if the cartridge is not to your liking so you can take a risk-free chance and check for yourself.

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