A starters guide to mobile cloud printing solutions

A starters guide to mobile cloud printing solutions
Jul 06

Mobile Cloud Printing Solutions

Current era is more influenced by mobile technology and probably this is the major reason why people are searching for mobility freedom in every aspect. With the advent of several new technologies within last few years, here we are adding more focus to cloud printing solutions. The great news associated with cloud printing technology is that now there is no need to connect computers with printers for taking print outs. The cloud printing technique allows users to have flexibility for printing their documents anytime at anywhere.

With the mobile cloud printing solutions, you can send print command to anywhere inside a building, in a town or even across the globe. This is quite surprising fact but yes it is true. Users simply need to have the password for their cloud printer and devices must be connected to internet. Once you maintain a wireless connection by entering your password then you simply need to define the type of print you need, no of pages, size etc and hit the enter command. The details are processed only when the person enters his specific PIN or simply scans his dedicated ID badge to execute the printing task. It helps users to print from anywhere using their tablets, mobile phones or laptops. In case if you are leading a business team that is spread over large area then this technology can help you to stay well connected with other members and reports can be transferred with ease.

The concept of cloud computing is defined after analyzing the need of mobile workforce as they want to say more money and time. Companies are more interested to reduce their printing waste as well as cost while maintaining all detail about prints that are used every day. The cloud printing systems are advance enough and they keep complete record about when pages were printed and who sent the command for printing etc. Owners can analyze this data to ensure that resources are being used for appropriate needs instead of creating waste around. It ultimately helps business owners to save their printing costs while having better control over devices, printers and users. This technology has great advantages over traditional printing methods and can maintain better resource utilization practices in the organization.

Here are few added benefits of using cloud printing services:

  • Users can access these printers from any compatible unit without worrying about drivers. It adds more convenience, support to the system while reducing overall cost.
  • It ensures automatic software update routines.
  • This technology can be easily used by people who are not much expert about technologies.
  • There is no need to maintain any local server; everything works from cloud with direct internet connections.
  • In these systems, the printer and browser can work like separate networks so users need not to log in first to send the print command. As long as the person is connected to internet, he/she can take printouts with ease.
  • These systems can be preferably implemented in business houses as well as in big industries.

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